Historical structures

Not all the Companies belonging to this particular field are in a position to operating in extreme situations like happened to Borsari Luciano S.r.l. in 1993, when has realized the atmospheric protection system for the famous “Ghirlandina”, the bell tower of the Dome of Modena, to a height of 86 meters where only climber-workers could be able to install a lightning rod. (Cathedral, Torre Civica and Piazza Grande of Modena, have been declare patrimony of the humanity from the UNESCO in 1997).
The Company has moreover operated in many buildings that belong to the artistic patrimony, for instance the Sala delle Colonne of the Comune di Nonantola and the Churches of S.Biagio, S.M. della Pomposa, del Voto, il Tempio and the Church of S.Barnaba, all in Modena. Other historical buildings in which the Company operated are the seats of important associations or Companies such as: the Palazzina delle Casiglie (center of the Assopiastrelle in Sassuolo – MO), Villa Cesi of Nonantola (MO), and still Villa Fregni always in Modena.

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